Kevin Yiu,  founder of Minus Workshop

“From Down Under to Dazzling Décor: How this Self-Trained Designer is Making Waves in the Interior Design World”


Meet Kevin, an interior designer with a passion for creating stunning and functional spaces. Hailing from Australia, Kevin honed his creative abilities during his time studying in a package design firm, where he discovered his love for the field. Over the course of his 20-year career, he has worked on countless projects and gained invaluable experience from his previous careers. He was even enlisted at Design Post Tokyo, where he worked under the tutelage of the renowned Yamagiwa Junpei. This diverse range of experiences has helped Kevin develop his unique design sensibilities and productive dexterity. From high-end residential projects to commercial spaces, Kevin has explored a variety of different journeys throughout his illustrious career. With a keen eye for detail and an unparalleled dedication to his craft, Kevin continues to make waves in the interior design world.  

There’s no detail too small when it comes to creating the perfect space. Kevin takes a hands-on approach to every project, involving himself in every stage of the process to ensure that every last detail is tailored to his clients’ needs. Whether it’s carefully selecting a distinctive material palette or meticulously planning the final execution of a project, Kevin is always dedicated to delivering the best possible outcome for his clients. He’s not just a designer – he’s a committed problem-solver, carefully perceiving the needs of clients and rigorously ensuring that every aspect of his designs are executed to perfection.

In 2014, Kevin established Minus Workshop as his personal label, showcasing his skills in designing customized residential units and restaurants with his unique and precise design techniques. More recently, he has expanded into the F&B industry by operating Lost Stars Livehouse Bar & Eatery and GoldBlack Creative Coffee Journey. This has given Kevin invaluable insights into not just the design aspect of a space, but also the entire brand story, functions, and operational practicability within the space.

Kevin’s deep passion for design and commitment to excellence has earned him recognition globally. Continuously refining his craft, Kevin brings a unique and personalized touch to every project. With his attention to detail, he is sure to make his mark on the interior design industry for years to come.