Moments Together, Times Square

Moments Together in Times Square, strived to create an oriental dining experiences that embraces the challenge of transforming spaces into something extraordinary. Founder Kevin was deeply influenced by oriental aesthetics, reimagines this 3200 sq.ft. space into brutalism with cultural inspiration, promising a captivating journey that gradually reveals itself the moment you step through the entrance.

Kevin ingeniously overcomes the obstacles presented by constricted and unseen entrances. The design narrative incorporates a diverse mix of glitter textures. Its ceiling is wallpapered by champagne metallic to catch the patrons’ sight. The focal point emerges as a welcoming reception adorned with a hexagram logo mirror and a profusion of lush greenery, arranged to create a tranquil garden vestibule that gracefully enhances the storefront. An open wooden screen, strategically positioned, provides a subtle semi-privacy to 2-4 seat cubicles, offering an enticing glimpse that sparks curiosity and sets the stage for the culinary odyssey ahead.