Que, Elements

Que: Sado Island’s Enchanting Fusion in Contemporary Design


Discover QUE, Minus Workshop’s captivating blend of Sado Island’s allure and contemporary design. Located at ELEMENTS in Tsim Sha Tsui, QUE immerses guests in the beauty of Sado Island through meticulous craftsmanship and artistry. Founder Yiu’s vision celebrates the island’s scenic wonders and cultural heritage.

QUE welcomes you with a folktale-inspired ambiance, where cats symbolize luck and the Ishina cedar forest sets a picturesque backdrop. Despite limited space, distinct areas include a dining hall with VIP rooms, a general dining area, and a kitchen with a sashimi bar. Each space harmonizes with the overall design.

The dining hall enchants with rich detailing and a spacious feel. Inspired by the forest, the ceiling features stacked wood veneers and custom-designed washi pendant lights. QUE flawlessly embodies Izakaya culture, seamlessly blending drinking and dining experiences.

Yiu’s design draws inspiration from Sado Island’s elements, like bathtub boats and Japanese patterns. Rounded corners and harmonious design elements flow throughout. Private VIP rooms feature statement windows with auspicious motifs, adding exclusivity.

QUE reflects the essence of Kabuki theatre through custom wall sconces, where fans and artistry unite. Intimate banquet six-seaters echo the island’s boats, while the general dining area offers a convivial environment.

Cat decorations playfully honor Sado Island’s feline residents, adding whimsy to the experience. Minus Workshop’s philosophy of finding contentment in real-life experiences connects QUE to its bustling surroundings.

QUE merges Sado Island’s enchantment with contemporary design, inviting you to a remarkable journey where nature, artistry, and culinary delights converge.