Mei Foo Sun Chuen

A Sublime Fusion: Unveiling the Delicate Interior Design of the Residence

Step into a realm of refined living as we explore the meticulously crafted interior design of this residence. Subtle wood tones dominate the space, creating an ambiance of delicate sophistication. The house owner’s requirements are met flawlessly, with a custom-made black showcase taking center stage in the living room to elegantly display their cherished travel treasures. Modernity seamlessly intertwines with tradition, as the collection of furniture exudes a contemporary allure. Let’s delve deeper into the setting rooms, where eye-catching pendant lighting accentuates the log dining table, illuminating the room and connecting it with the natural sunlight pouring in from the outdoor terrace. Overcoming the challenge of a low ceiling, a thoughtful vertical expansion is achieved through the use of non-full height furniture, creating a sense of spaciousness and hierarchy within this exquisite unit.