Glam studio

Revitalizing the Aerial Dance Scene: A Re-imagined Transformation


Step into Glam’s new aerial dance studio, where boundaries are shattered and creativity reigns. We’ve re-imagined the space into an artistic swimming club, offering a serene sanctuary before the electrifying aerial dance class begins. This innovative design transcends traditional studios, embracing the artful possibilities of aerial art and artistic expression.

What appears ordinary at first glance is, in fact, a haven of innovation and creativity. The pole dance use of steel pipes can be effortlessly removed, transforming the space into a versatile flat wooden platform for dance and yoga training, this platform also serves as a gentle rebound ground for athletes, minimizing the impact of collisions. Moreover, hidden within the elegant plastered fixtures lies a lighting system that brings dance movements to life, evoking a myriad of emotions. Welcome to a space where imagination knows no bounds and where dance becomes an extraordinary journey of self-expression.